Wolfe Tree Service LLC is located in Tulsa OK. We are locally owned and operated. Our Oklahoma staff has over 10 years experience in the tree business. We are fully insured and will always provide necessary paperwork. We strive to help the local community keep their trees safe and beautiful all while keeping the costs low. We believe not all tree work is good tree work but we believe that we are the best small tree business in Tulsa! Always going the extra mile in every thing we do. No matter what the case - estimates are always free. Richard will come out and check the situation and work with the customer to get exactly what they want done for a fair price. 24/7 we will always answer the phone and you will be the top priority. We love what we do, if you need a Tulsa company to handle the services below, Wolfe is the one to call!

Tulsa Owned & Operated


Experienced Staff


Insured & Bonded


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